Progress update

March Newsletter

Feb 6

The site now has an all new design! The Vrije Universiteit's catalogue has been intergrated into the system. When a book is searched, the library catalogues of the HvA, UvA and the VU are simultaneously searched along with second hand books posted, or requested for by students ...



In the news

AUC student builds book exchange website for students

Feb 6

A new book exchange website allows students to post books for sale and to track books they need. The website is supported by five student associations at Science Park, as well as the University Library.

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Feb 21

Je herkent het misschien wel: een studieboek dat je voor zestig euro hebt gekocht en dat na één studieblok al stof ligt te happen in je kast. Oud-UvA-student Krishna Shukla (22) bedacht hier een oplossing voor: uvabooks.nl. In de eerste drie weken ...

Feature update

App released for iOS & Android

May 1

Easier to sell: Use your phone to scan the ISBN code of the book you are selling and it will be posted automatically.

Easier to find: You can find a book even if it is not posted. You will be taken to a library catalogue or a bookstore where the book is available. You will also receive a push notification if future sellers post a book that you are following.

The app also features a fully functional chat application!

download now! (iOS, Android)

In the news

UvA library website

Oct 15

Affinity is the keyword for UvABooks.nl, an initiative of UvA students for selling and buying their used textbooks online at a friendly price. The idea is for UvA students to use their own online space, with no intermediaries, and bring offer and demand together ...

The University of Amsterdam library printed bookmarks!

Nov 22

Bookmarks by the UvA library